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September 5, 2012


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Thought I'd spread the love by doing some watcher features! :la: I want to say thanks to all 176 of my wonderful watchers! you guys are all amazing! So as my way of saying thanks, I picked a deviation from each of your galleries and featured them here! (in no particular order) Thank you all so much! :hug:

Katniss Everdeen by 2410EDDeviant ID by Meroko26Rob and Torash playing by taull01Anthro Kinciad by echosduskSkull Dragon by RoboLobosHMAS Newcastle by LadyGhostEyesFirebrand, the unhappy mount by firebrand0myrony by night-fury-lover-1 Spyro:Bridge across worlds Ch1Chapter 1: Nighttime
As Spyro and Cynder wheeled though the air, Spyro couldn't feel any happier.  He had survived the near destruction of the world, he had defeated Malefor, removing a great evil and the source of all his troubles from the land, and he was with Cynder, the one dragon he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  Spyro sighed as he looked at the black dragoness in front of him.  That was the only thing about this moment that could possibly be better.  As much as he loved her, she didn't know it, and he didn't know how she felt about him.  The last thing he wanted to do was ruin the friendship he had with her.  As he watched her soar in front of him he couldn't keep from admiring her.  She really was beautiful.
"Hey Spyro, what's taking you so long" Cynder called from up in front of him.
"Huh… what… oh yeah I was just thinking" what he was thinking about there was no way he was going to tel
paintball ...... by jhon117masterchieff Jashin's Tenshi Chapter 1Chapter 1
“Ane-san, I told you that Ms. C wanted us to get the stuff.”
She hit me over the head. “Imoto, you are never supposed to distrust me.” I nodded and turned my head to the trees that surrounded the auditorium. A glint caught my eye. “Ane-san, do you see that?” I pointed at the glint, and Ane-san rolled her eyes. “Kitkat, its probably just a wrapper.” She turned to go, but my curious side took over. I crossed to the glint.
I gasped when I saw it. It was a red scythe, with three blades. “Ane-san! Come here!” I heard her muttering as she got closer, and I scooped down and picked up the scythe. “You better hope to Jashin this is good.” I turned. “It is Ane-san!” I started twirling it. “Why does that seem so-“ her words were cut off as the scythe’s blades flew and cut down a tree, then came back. We stared at each other in shock. She held out a hand. “My turn.”
~Otro POV~
I glanced around.
Beauty of Tornato Damage by kellz108Zariya Transformed by Bramblemask973Black Bot by JixsLynx by xNeonshadow21Herb2Risu by Herb2RisuTwo sides by fableworldsunnyheart by ChrystalStarWolfPantherus Draconis by AkysiKozin Ref by GonzalezWolfHelp a Griffin! by TorikmDragon flight. by Daisylasy3:thumb317177267:Lightning dances by anarchistdragonpikachu by SunsetVanillaHazel The Unicorn by Jayfeather321679Zorua Headshot by Ikari-FangRiver sluicing and scene by pcwarheadbirthday dragon coloured by NIKITA125:thumb294579566:Dragon 3 by nicromartiAarok - The Great Black Prince by EsiarThe Best Hugs Ever by Bambrii*GF* BBBFF figures Aurora by TheIceUnicornDJ-PT-7 and Vinyl Scratch (Thornyl) Logo by CreativeArtist-KentaMe and phyro vs Kalithe and his owner (Part 4 -4) by Duarte3Krypton Collab by NobilisKryptonGuardian of the Henge - COLLAB by RekaCryistallAio Chan Colored! by IchigoMurasakiSyahkro - Max and Cyntia's Daughter by FauziArabNew ID by TealSeraphimOld me by kindradevionpage 17 by charlotte1998Friends by Samantha-8Sunset by Crash-BoxJordan Andross by TorrentWolf96:thumb296159227:Lets fly. by hawkfurzeNot So Beautiful Mermaid v2 by pita-tenten:thumb322167030:roaring dragon by supersuncoral:thumb286964557:Dragon practice 017 : Look by aScolipedeAnother request by ZoandersRin by Xx-FallenAngelEclipseheart by aksmn12Aqua by animalwuva101 Requiem Trinity Heaven vs Hell IntroThe Requiem Trinity
(Heaven vs Hell Intro)
Begin Song: BoA-White Wishes English Version
A single white feather fell from the light of the sun, slowly but surely making it's way to the ground.
The wind picked it up and pushed it towards the camera.
*Cut to Black*
The Main Title, The Requiem Trinity, appears in fancy lettering while light shone from behind.
The light stopped and the title disintegrated into gold dust.
Requiem Hikaru; the 17-year-old sassy and hot-as-hell Heroine, stood at the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing though her Silver-Blue hair.
Aura Aesir; the 18-year-old silver-haired best friend to Req, swung his lance in a woodland clearing. The tip caught fire and swung towards the camera.
Bahamut; the Crimson Hybrid Dragon, flew though the air with a flock of seagulls.
Ashlin Geroma Arapaho Silverton; the 22-year old blue-haired and cowboy dressed gunslinger, stood beneath a tree, brooding silently
:4  B E S T  F R I E N D S : by Foxxyheartzbrothers by FoxWolfDixxyWhite and Yellow flower by Foxface27Robot Velociraptor by dragonoid-loverWinter Allosaurus dump sketch 5 by Koala-Sam:thumb314523592:Nap Time by Firespirit123best friends (random gift) by PI0SON:thumb322721931::thumb320602479::thumb325326542:Riverclaw by Silverclaw6Birdramon by mainkataABCD~ Dragon Legend ~ WIP by LegendaryReshiramwedding portrait silhouette 2 by JustLynnWeavMiss Mint by alisafabfulmy first deviation by ilikepie0917spyro!!! by DiscoFrisco1:thumb306423963:UchiKaji's request by 995886My 16th Birthday Cake by FoREVerSpACEdBeyond Imagination Prologue Pt 1 by TheSilverMasqueStratosphere Lookout by heavenriverGlow wolf adopt[open] by SeimeiTokotofull body by Z-the-wolfeAdoptable Try-Out by Hybrid-AdoptablesChevyGirl256's request of 'Captain' by WolfOfDemonSnowSunyshore City, #4 by PokemonForeverFanMy kitties! by hihill:thumb310267215:mr. face  amnesia by felixkattKyoko by NightmareNekoSuicune by FavetoniSo I Guess You're Dead by DruidTeethDanger.Rising by Copper-LightSourceWar Within--Intro  01 by car2in-bitzRarijack by Miss-Zi-ZiLuna by The-Last-Dragon-Knisummer mornings by puppyhowlerOne big happy Family! by ObsidianthewolfFavor please? LINK BELOW by phoenixwolf12the arrival of the three by DRAGONAHSFOREVERAT: My freedom by Kuro-HiryuuGLaDOS by SHaDOW-aperture Book one Pg.1: The MemoriesChapter 1 Pg.1
In a place far from warfang, existed a place far from ordinary. the place was called Dragon Forest. A forest land that was filled with different types of dragons, there were Amber dragons, Ruby dragons, Sapphire dragons even Diamond and Crystal dragons. But what was a really rare treat were the two White dragons that lived in Dragon Forest. It was the year of the dragon and every dragon had just laid there eggs, the Brightscales were especially happy that they had a child.
"What do you think, boy or girl?" Asked Mr. Brightscales.
"It's going to be a boy, I can just feel it." Said Mrs. Brightscales cuddling the white egg she had close to her.
"Well then, I'm gonna be a dad." He said seeming proud of himself.
Mrs. Brightscales could do nothing but roll her eyes. It was about five months later that the young white dragon hatched from his egg, he was a real sight indeed for he was as cute as ever.
"What are we going to name you little one?" Said Mr. Brightscales, looking at
In Just one hour- Padme by xTheXMonsterXWithinxWip thingy by Cyndergirlonly:thumb311136690:Table Tennis... by AwkwardStufz:thumb302205799:Equinox- fursuit by Firecracker-catAngel x Maxamilion gift by BubbaAce by RollerCoasterViper59Stephano .:Remake:. by Magicgem7776Trumpet Wyvern Under the High Tide by EgitetRaj by WolfShoutSir Porkchop by SnowWolf100CE - Bringing the New Year by dracomancer-guiDragon flying through a storm by XannadorLink - Oracles by 789lolVampire Striker Collab: Firetron(Read Discription) by FiretrontheHedgehogthe figth for andora by XXERIUSSEddie, in a Epic Cat Photo! by JosieKITTEHLook me in the eye by FireballStardraco:I by HolwingWolfyPractice by kitty-katsuFlying Fox by IsaRat:thumb293018846:lest to kill you by garasnegrasArt trade with dragonthunderstorm by kuro1012let me burn you-final version by JenovaTheGoddes:thumb316718125:The 'VE' Team~! by Italy-The-SurvivorHigher by NinuturuStrong Dragon by Dragonx347Kitties by meroawL4D Hunter: Furry Mode by ArgentsPrincessSoC: Sehalia and Lior meet by GalaxywolvesKara, dragon from the sky by dragfie:thumb260222789:the Confetti Unicorn by Spyrorulz12KoD: Dominic by AaronThomasonUnicorn by Dragon-of-the-SunTrue Ogre by naildRadioactive Skys by FortuneSoul Italy's Rondo. FemItaly Ft. Hetalia/NyotaliaFem!Italy went up to a stage. Microphone in hand, she walked to the middle. People were silently chattering among themselves. Then, when she stepped up onto stage, everyone became quiet. Has a song started in the backround, a door appeared out of nowhere, surprising everyone. She smiled, and opened it. The song grew louder, and she went threw the door.
Ve! Ve! Ve! Ve! Ve!
Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!
(The Hetalians and Nyotalians are shown marching behind her, but Italy is running to catch up to her)
Over the Alps, Venetian canals, the English channel, we're crossing!
Ruins of Greece, Mediterranean sea, Catacombes de Paris, exploring!
If you're tired, take a seat! The water's hot and boiling~!
The pizza and the pasta's waiting!
(The places mentioned show with the posse infront of it)
Hey now, take it easy
It's okay to be clumsy
(FemAmerica is only shown, and she falls, carring her books, and she smiles and sweatdrops)
Cause everybody's gotta make a mistake someday
(Key word: WWII
Cloudy with a Chance of Rain by AurifexColors of you by AnnaLena250199Parental love by CrescentMoonCastle Moon Hunter Chapter 1Chapter 1
Vice sat in his first class. Glimpsing out the windows he could see fellow students meeting up into their group of friends. The bell rang and students trickled in. Many were already showing up late. Vice knew everyone on the class list, the benefits of going to a small town school. But one thing had been out of place. A new name had popped up in the familiar list of people he had known since he was a baby. Scanning each face that passed through the doorway he looked for the owner of the unfamiliar name.  
A lone girl, uncommon in this school, walked into the class room. She came in later than any of the other students. Silence descended on the class as she stepped up to the front. The teacher rose to greet her. Their words carried over to Vice's desk in the third row.
"Miss Silicia, You may be a new student but I trust you will not be late again?" The girl just looked at him levelly in the eye. This was a great feat in itself since the teacher had a glass eye that r
Dragon finished, no name yet.. by Saya416:thumb322597548::thumb310929139:Dark skies WIP by MistovermoonPoison dart frog by Valentin-Swift
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