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I submit pretty often! So much art to little time...

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United States
Hey there and welcome to my page! I'm a 22 year old engineering student who loves to draw in her spare time. I love to draw dragons and other fantastic beasts including some original designs. I draw and watch cartoons and my two favorite cartoons are Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I also write and illustrate webcomics. You can find them in my gallery and my currently updating one will be featured on my page. I love to talk so don't be afraid to comment. I also LOVE when people leave constructive criticism on my works. It helps my improve and I also love to see what others really think of my work.

I'm also open for commissions! My commission info is here--> Commissions! :D-Updated prices! by CrystalCircle

Check out my Etsy store! -->

Respect My Copyright Stamp by CrystalCircle <----This will never change for me! Please ask me before posting my work anywhere! Thank you in advance! :nod:

DO NOT POST MY WORK ON TUMBLR! I have a tumblr and post all my work on there under the "My artwork" button. Please reblog, don't post my work!

The only people who have my permission to repost my works are:

Other places to find me………

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Happy Valentine's Day from Sister Sister by CrystalCircle
Happy Valentine's Day from Sister Sister
Because of my computer going lame for almost two days, I lost time to work on my valentines's day cards and art, but I did have time to do a little doodle comic for you all.

It started as a doodle of a dragon throwing a rock at Raven Rare, but it evolved into this. You guys haven't met Blue in the comic yet, but he's been sort of my mascot for the comic and I draw him a lot. He's this dude here-->

His final design is slightly different. You'll meet him later this chapter....and yes he acts just like this! XD
If you don't hear from me after tomorrow night it's because I'm curled up in the corner of my room crying over a cartoon. Gravity Falls ends tomorrow...I'm not ready for the truck-load of feels...
Sister Sister-CH 1- 12 by CrystalCircle
Sister Sister-CH 1- 12
<<-Cover|| <-Previous page ||  Next page-> Eye horror warning!


Other places to find Sister Sister (the main site is the one linked above)

Smack Jeeves
Tumblr <--this is also the character ask blog!

This comic is rated 17+ for violence, blood, gore and some foul language!


:iconpatreonplz:Support the comic on Patreon!

If you support the comic, you will get news, artwork, custom art, and exclusive comics and merchandise mailed to you!

If you read the old pages before, please don't spoil anything to new readers! Your comments will be hidden!

This comic WILL BE PRINTED! Please help me by finding any misspellings, grammatical errors, or drawing inconsistencies (missing scars, accessories, etcv...) so the printed comics will be error free! If you are interested in a printed comic, tell me so I can put you on my list. I'll let you know when the comics go up for sale.

Join the group for announcements, official art, fan art/fiction, OCs and more! :iconsister-sister-comic:
Whatever my buddy did, it helped! My computer seems to be doing just fine! It's a little faster than it was and it doesn't seem to be laboring as hard...the cooling fans were going nuts on it before. Well back to working on that page! I'm a little behind on it because I was babying this computer for two days. I also didn't my cards done...dang it. I'll try to do one or two, but the page comes first!
When in doubt...use a reference! by CrystalCircle
When in doubt...use a reference!
I usually don't post my cell pictures to DA, but I thought I'd share this. The next page involves a couple 8ft tall crystals, but after spending almost an hour trying to sketch out what they look like, I dug through my rock collection and picked up this small yellow quartz and used it as a reference. I used it for the transparency and lighting too! 

What I'm really trying to say is two things:

1.) If you are having trouble drawing something, use a reference! Don't be afraid to admit "I don't know what I'm doing" and get some help from google images or take your own picture of the thing you need to draw.

2.) It's called REFERENCING not TRACING! Tracing someone else's image is a terrible thing to do and can land you in some serious trouble. Referencing is what I did here and is 100% OK! If you notice, I didn't trace the crystal (I mean how could I? It's a physical thing). All I did was hold it in my hand and drew with my other hand.

The only time tracing may be ok is when you trace your own photos. Take a picture of yourself posing in a mirror and tracing that may get a job done, but you don't learn anything. You learn from practicing and repetitive drawing. It took me a few times to get the crystals to look right even with my little helper, but since I drew them without tracing, I learned how my hand has to move and how the resulting strokes makes something look. You don't learn that by simply following a line.

Just my little two cents on a subject that kind of irritates me. Take my advise or don't, but it works....just sayin

Also yes; having a rock collection is helping me out with this comic in many ways as rocks and crystals play very important roles in the story.
If you can't wait until the next page, you can get a taste of it by looking at my scraps! Every Monday I put a small preview of the next page in there. Next week's preview is there now!

You can watch my scraps by editing your watch settings for me.

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