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I submit pretty often! So much art to little time...

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Awesome work by awesome people! :nod:

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My bae ...come back to DA you dumb waffle! :grump: :iconrobolobos:

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This lovely piece of awesome that is my cousin :iconlunarlycapricious:

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Awesome people I'd love to meet one day!

And many more on my tumblr and other websites!

Will scream if any of these guys or gals notice me

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United States
Hey there and welcome to my page! I'm a 23 year old engineering student who loves to draw in her spare time. I love to draw dragons and other fantastic beasts including some original designs. I draw and watch cartoons and my two favorite cartoons are Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I also write and illustrate webcomics. You can find them in my gallery and my currently updating one will be featured on my page. I love to talk so don't be afraid to comment. I also LOVE when people leave constructive criticism on my works. It helps my improve and I also love to see what others really think of my work.

I'm also open for commissions! My commission info is here--> Commissions! :D-Updated prices! by CrystalCircle

Check out my Etsy store! -->

Respect My Copyright Stamp by CrystalCircle <----This will never change for me! Please ask me before posting my work anywhere! Thank you in advance! :nod:

DO NOT POST MY WORK ON TUMBLR! I have a tumblr and post all my work on there under the "My artwork" button. Please reblog, don't post my work!

The only people who have my permission to repost my works are:

Other places to find me………

Featured artists!

:iconcoorojaden: :iconfreshbreath3: :iconganjamira: :iconrollercoasterviper59: :iconsunarue::iconayakurri: :icons-haa: :iconthelegendaryarkaius:


Sister Sister: QnA-5 by CrystalCircle
Sister Sister: QnA-5
<<-First question|| <-Previous question ||   Next question-> Soon

Of course someone had to ask about the knight armor XD Every knight has a different design of armor (obviously to fit around different body types), but Talon's is the only suit of armor to be made of stone. Why? You'll have to wait and find out!

I love how everyone is so happy about Lapis staying on Earth (I am too), but I'm mostly thinking THAT WAS BISMUTH! Bismuth helped trap Lapis in the mirror...and then Bismuth somehow got trapped inside Lion's pocket dimension??

Only Steven Universe fans will get what I just said XD
Sister Sister: QnA-4 by CrystalCircle
Sister Sister: QnA-4
<<-First question|| <-Previous question ||  Next question->

I used to have a chameleon and his feet were so cool! He had a pretty strong grip and you could feel his toes wrap around your finger. I always thought it would be cool to have those features on a dragon so I made a species that is essentially flying chameleons...only they don't do the tongue or eye things XD Talon is part fire wing, sky wing, and butterfly dragon, though he has mostly butterfly dragon features. 
Art Vs Artist by CrystalCircle
Art Vs Artist
because I'm meme trash :p

I saw this EVERYWHERE so I decided to hop on the bandwagon. I would have taken a current selfie, but I was rough-housing with my dog and she accidentally scraped my face pretty bad with her claws...*sigh* so have me pretending to be a Gem being with my huge calcite crystal.
Sister Sister: QnA-3 by CrystalCircle
Sister Sister: QnA-3
<<-First question|| <-Previous question ||  Next question->

So many dragons species...and combinations of them! You've seen two dragons that are mixed with Butterfly looks more like those dragons than the other one. The smallest species are the butterfly dragons that have a seven foot wing span. The Thunder wings are the'll just have to wait and see how big they are. Each species is pretty much introduced by chapter from here on out.
I'm between commissions and art for cons right now soooo...I need something to do while I do my work. I've been meaning to do a critique/review of some comics as well as have someone critique/review Sister Sister as well.

You guys are always free to critique my comic and give me advice and stuff :D I actually really appreciate it.

As for me doing reviews and critiques, I'm going to give you a heads up...I'm brutally honest. I've had several pretty hard core English and engineering classes that had me do critiques and reviews as assignments. Only ask me for a critique if you can take some constructive criticism because I will be doing that. I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but sometimes you got to swallow a bitter pill to improve on your work. I do balance my critiques and reviews with both negatives (things I don't like or think you can improve on) and positives (things I like/love and things you should keep doing or do more often).

Note: these reviews can be private (via note) or public (on a journal entry. Also a note: I have 1,000+ watchers! Having your review be made public may get your comic some attention ;)

These are things I critique in a comic as well as questions I ask myself about it:

Art-quality and clarity. Can I follow this? Are movements confusing? Are the poses too stale? Are emotions and body language easy to read? After all, comics say more with images not words.

Page layout- are the panels well organised? Do they flow and transition nicely?

Overall pacing- does the story suddenly jump from place to place? Or does it smoothly transition?

Story- is it clear and understandable? Is it interesting? Is it original?

Dialog- Is it easy to read and understand who is saying what? Are the speech bubbles easy to read without taking up too much space? Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?

Overall impression- Would I read this? Do I want more? Was I bored? Was I intrigued? 

Please only show my YOUR comic! I don't want to critique someone else's story without their permission. Also if you want me to tell you more about a certain aspect of your work (ie: You want me to look at your art because you feel like you could improve in some way) just let me know and I'll do a more in depth look at that subject. 

Feel free to tell a friend about this if you think they would want their comic looked at :D

Also if your comic is long (over 100 pages) I may only read up to a hundred pages and do a review based on what I read so far. I don't have time to read incredibly long stories at the moment (I will if I really enjoy it though).

I'll be doing three for now. It may take me a bit to go through them if they are longer.
1.)Private review (working on)
2.):iconnobodygoddammit: Nina and Jack
3.):iconanaspieinpoland: Count-Wallenrod

First come first serve! I won't be taking any reservations for additional spots because I may not do this again for a very long time.

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