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I submit almost daily! I do live steams as well! =D

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Steven Universe :love:

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Will scream if any of these guys or gals notice me

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United States
Hey there and welcome to my page! I'm a 21 year old engineering student who loves to draw in her spare time. I love to draw dragons and other fantastic beasts including some original designs. I draw and watch cartoons and my two favorite cartoons are Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. I also write and illustrate webcomics. You can find them in my gallery and my currently updating one will be featured on my page. I love to talk so don't be afraid to comment. I also LOVE when people leave constructive criticism on my works. It helps my improve and I also love to see what others really think of my work.

I'm also open for commissions and art trades! My commission info is here--> Updates on things I sell! And how to get customs!Hey guys! I thought I would give you an update about my store after the new equipment I got.
My sticker machine works! I just have to decide on a cost...
I now have two button machines: a 3 inch and a 1.5 inch machine. Here's the image of the comparison of both buttons in case you haven't seen it.
:bulletred:For large buttons
All existing designs are $3.50 (USD) + $2 shipping (standard). Shipping internationally will be more (the price depends on where you live)
Existing designs are ones I have listed in my gallery of items I sell.Existing designs CAN NOT be changed (please see custom buttons below)The only thing you can change is the color of the background (any solid color or simple, two color gradient)
Custom LARGE buttons are all $6 (USD)+

Respect My Copyright Stamp by CrystalCircle <----This will never change for me! Please ask me before posting my work anywhere! Thank you in advance! :nod:

DO NOT POST MY WORK ON TUMBLR! I have a tumblr and post all my work on there under the "My artwork" button. Please reblog, don't post my work!

The only people who have my permission to repost my works are:

Other places to find me………

Featured artists!

:iconcoorojaden: :iconfreshbreath3: :iconganjamira: :iconrollercoasterviper59: :iconsunarue::iconayakurri: :icons-haa: :iconthelegendaryarkaius:


Finished one dragon! Yus!
Long live love by CrystalCircle
Long live love
Who cares if it's mild spoilers? I don't care! I'm too happy to care! SSM was legalized! I wanted to draw the cannon gay couple in Sister Sister...only these two have not been introduced yet...though one is going to be introduced on the next page. I just had to draw them anyway! I have a feeling these two would be happy about the ruling :D

Sigma and Blitz. They were both seen in the comic already as young teens. Blitz was seen on this page (the yawning dragon in the last panel) and Sigma was first seen on this page  Sigma is more a main character than Blitz, but the two both play a significant role eventually. Both are very brave and determined guys...though Sig can be a chicken at you will soon see XD

ahhh I'm just so happy! Again congrats to all my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQIA! :iconrainbowplz: :heart: :love: :heart: :iconrainbowplz:
Ok you know what this journal is about so if you don't like it, don't read it. I don't want to get into arguments with anyone!

SCOTUS has ruled IN FAVOR of same sex marriage for ALL 50 states today by  5-4 VOTE! This makes me so happy I just have to talk about it. I have LOTS of friends who are in the LGBT community and I'm part of it too (I'm bisexual). We can all love and now we can all legally marry who we want to spend the rest of our lives with! Love has won over hatred as it has in the past and will in the future!

Most of the hate comes from people who use religion to justify their hatred of gays. "God calls gayness an abomination" or "you sin if you sleep with another man"...I know this... I'm kinda religious myself, but do I use my faith in god to hate others...absolutely not!

God created all of us and loves all of his children and you should love and respect your brothers and sisters and treat them as you would yourself. Love is pure and binds us together. If two people find that love in one another, no one should judge based on their sex, but by the strength and pureness of that love. If that love stands the test of time...through hardships, sickness and poverty, why is it a problem? Gay people are just as passionate in their love as straight people are. The two support one another, give to one another and live with one another as a whole. Treat your fellow human beings with kindness and kindness will come to you.

That is how I was love and respect all people no matter the color of their skin, what gender they love, or what they believe in.

To my friends who are gay, congratulations on your right to wed and I hope you find love one day and spend the rest of your life with that person....forever in love. To my friends that are not gay, I hope you find love someday too! We all now have the right to wed who we choose! Love has won. Equality has won. AMERICA has won.

God bless you all! And God bless the U.S.A.!
Sister Sister-CH 1- 03 by CrystalCircle
Sister Sister-CH 1- 03
<<-Cover|| <-Previous page ||  Next page->

And here's Cloud!

Updates will be slow for a bit because I found a program that can make smoother speech bubbles BUT lacks the tools I use for final editing...yet the program I use for final editing doesn't have layer these pages has become a tedious process...But I shall continue posting (obviously). Expect updates to be every Saturday will possible updates on Wednesdays...sorry for the delay.

Other places to find Sister Sister (the main site is the one linked above)

The Duck webcomics
Tumblr <--this is also the character ask blog!

This comic is rated 17+ for violence, blood, gore and some foul language!

Brief synopsis

A young dragon named Bo, must face a great challenge to end a centuries old war between two gods that has left his clan in ruin. With the help of the guardian dragons, a mail dragon named Blue Eyes and the great dragon god of light, Bo must protect his adopted sister, who may hold the key to ending the war once and for all.

If you read the old pages before, please don't spoil anything to new readers! Your comments will be hidden!

This comic WILL BE PRINTED! Please help me by finding any misspellings, grammatical errors, or drawing inconsistencies (missing scars, accessories, etcv...) so the printed comics will be error free! If you are interested in a printed comic, tell me so I can put you on my list. I'll let you know when the comics go up for sale.

I saw this as a thing for a lot of fandoms and stuff on I wanted to make my own with Sister Sister! :D Each question is based off of a I guess it can hint at some things ;) I answered them as an example.


1.) You can answer these as yourself or as an OC!
2.) Answer truthfully!'s better this way :D
3.) Tag as many people as you want!

Sister Sister themed questions! The Guardians and Gods!...kinda heavy questions...

Meme by :iconcrystalcircle:

Tagged by :iconcrystalcircle:

Fury-What's the hardest thing you had to do? Would you do it again?

Let a friend go. She moved to another country and I may never see her again. We still email each other though...

Pyros-Who do you love most in this world? Do they love you back?

My boyfriend! And I know he loves me back (he tells me everyday and we like to fall asleep on each other...and neither of us mind)

Cinder-Share your wisdom! Give us at least one wild fact you know that many may not know!

  • The brain named itself.
  • Some of the stars we see in the night sky may no longer exist...we just can't see it yet because they are millions of light years a few million years our night sky would be unrecognizable!
  • Speaking of light years...if an alien 100 million light years away saw our world through a telescope, they would see dinosaurs!
  • If you fired a gun and dropped a bullet at the same time, the bullets would hit the ground at the same demonstrated by the Mythbusters!
  • We scream on roller coasters because our brain is telling us to run away, but we can' we release the primitive sensation of "fight or flight" vocally.

Stratus-What's one opportunity you have taken while you had the chance? What is one that you didn't?

I was offered a job my junior year of high school. I had the opportunity to go to a concert with a friend who won two tickets, but I didn't because I thought I was traveling...turns out I had the wrong date for our family trip and I could have gone...but my friend found someone to go the band is broken up...MCR!

Cumulus- What's the most courageous thing you have done?

Saved a HUGE alligator snapping turtle from the road. I used a sick to push him to the pond on the other side...during that whole time he was trying to take a chunk out of my leg! He broke my sick twice just by biting it!

Hydros-Do you always do what is necessary to get a job done?...or do you take short cuts?

It depends...I always do a thorough job on my school work and jobs at my work...personal projects...I may cut a corner or two if I'm short on time.

Sleet- Do you trust the person that tagged you?

Absolutely not!...maybe...

Fern- What's the greatest thing you've ever made?

That hideous dragon on my icon and briefly became a meme with my friends.

Bismuth- What are your strengths?

I work hard and I'm open to critiques and suggestions. I'm not easily offended

Rare- What is your greatest fear?

Being alone with a potentially life-changing decision...

I tag...anyone who wants to do this :)
Finished one dragon! Yus!

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